Pop Myanmar: Call For Abstracts and Expressions of Interest

Pop Myanmar: A Special Issue of the Journal of Burma Studies: Call for Abstracts or Expressions of Interest

Despite the historic energy, vibrance and centrality of popular entertainment in Myanmar, these forms have not received the scholarly or media attention that they deserve. For this upcoming Special Issue of the Journal of Burma Studies, we aim to focus on popular culture, from its producers, means of transmission, to its elements of resistance, fandom, or even culture cringe. 

Examples of popular culture can include the performative, such as yokthe puppet theatre, live performances including comedy, street theatre and music, or than chat protests rhymes. Explorations of ethnic nationality cultural forms, or Burmese engagements with international texts and styles, whether in songs, websites or apps, short videos, or movies, from country to kPop to copy thachin are welcome as well. Other media or research pieces we encourage deal with textual or material culture, such as poetry, popular novels, advertising, fashion, or even everyday items such as snacks, condensed milk tins, Jawa motorcycles, cheroot smoking or KFC. 

Bearing in mind that the popular can be anything from sexy to saccharine, conservative to revolutionary, we encourage alternative formats. In addition to research articles, which will go through academic peer review and have a standard length of 7000 to 9000 words, like a record album, this special issue plans to incorporate some unique sections including short essays or reflections about popular culture, 1000 words or less “Liner Notes” and finally notes about an individual work or debate, which I am tentatively calling “Riffs”. 

Ideas or abstracts (250 words or fewer) can be sent to the JBS editor, Jane Ferguson at jane.ferguson@anu.edu.au by 15 August 2023.

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